About KTA

Our Mission

Founded in 1999, KTA is a consulting and public interest research organization that provides highest caliber of advisory, facilitation and negotiations services for our clients and advances new policy thinking and ideas through collaborative processes that brings out innovation in politics, policy and governance.

How We Work

KTA works through collaborative relationships and Practice Groups that combine the talents of KTA staff and our exceptional group of associates. Through our strong partnership network with other firms, organizations and institutes, we are able to access a flexible pool of professionals to tailor resources to our clients’ needs.

Our Experience and Knowledge

KTA’s team has decades of experience in consulting, much of it dedicated on finding creative and effective solutions to highly challenging organizational and government problems. Our team is known for its seasoned high-level experience and strategic insight with many having held Deputy Minister level positions in government.

Our Strengths

KTA and its people are known for exceptional facilitation and process skills, successfully managing challenging and diverse multi-stakeholder processes, and providing credible, trusted advice.

Our Results

KTA has a solid reputation for applying strategic thinking and innovative solutions to produce quality results for our clients. Our success rests on our ability to work through critical issues, achieve win-win outcomes, and build strong partnerships between different organizations, levels of government and the public and private sectors.

tel: (416) 204-9658 • email: info@kta.on.ca

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