Our Team and Partners

How We Work

KTA works through collaborative relationships and Practice Groups that combine the talents of KTA staff and our exceptional group of associates. Through our strong partnership network with other firms, organizations and institutes, we are able to access a flexible pool of professionals to tailor resources to our clients’ needs.

Our Experience and Knowledge

KTA’s team has decades of experience in consulting, much of it dedicated on finding creative and effective solutions to highly challenging organizational and government problems. Our team is known for its seasoned high-level experience and strategic insight with many having held Deputy Minister level positions in government.

  • Acosy Consulting: A 100% Aboriginal-owned business, Acosys Consulting provides KTA with consulting services in the areas of Aboriginal Policy Development. Our partnership with Acoysis gives us the capacity to work in a number of Aboriginal languages and access to Aboriginal professionals able to work in French.
  • Environics Research Group: Through its relationship Environics, one of Canada’s leading marketing and social survey research firms, KTA has access to a full-service research and analysis firm with national capacity and years of experience in conducting surveys, panel studies and focus groups.
  • First Peoples Group (FPG): Provides KTA with community-based Aboriginal knowledge and consulting services through a strong team from the First Nation, Métis and Inuit communities. FPG specializes in facilitation, negotiation, conflict resolution, policy development and Aboriginal Awareness Training.
  • Focis Consulting: Provides KTA with access to leading expertise in service improvement and transformation, including business model and strategy design and implementation, shared services and outsourcing.
  • Hatch Ltd:Provides KTA with senior expert advice and consulting support on economic, resource and major project development, energy and infrastructure development.
  • Metric Consulting:Through its principal Bill Stipdonk, Metric Consulting provides KTA with statistical, quantitative, econometric, financial analysis and modeling, and cost benefit analysis services.
  • Naut’sa mawt Resources Group:A 100% Aboriginal community-owned firm, Naut’sa mawt Resources Group provides KTA with research and analytic support in the areas of Aboriginal economic development, community planning, resource development and project management.
  • Tremblay Consulting:Provides KTA with advanced policy evaluation, modeling and design expertise as well as immediate access to knowledge and expertise in international health policy, innovation and technology.

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