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Governance in the Agreement on Internal Trade
Working in partnership with the Certified General Accountants Association of Canada, the KTA Centre for Collaborative Governance used its world-class outreach capacity to recruit and bring together leaders from the worlds of politics, provincial and federal public services, academia and industry to assess the governance mechanisms in the Agreement on Internal Trade, signed in July of 1994.

10 years on, not enough progress has been made in implementing the Agreement. In the group’s view, a key reason for this is a lack of effective governance mechanisms to drive real trade dispute resolutions, especially among non-governmental stakeholders. The future, the group said, lies in more stakeholder involvement in dispute resolution and implementation of the Agreement. In addition, the then newly formed Council of the Federation was also seen to have an important role to play in ensuring the Agreement is implemented effectively.

Following its publication to KTA’s network of approximately 8 000 senior officials, politicians, academics and journalists, the report was presented by CGA-Canada Chair John Nagy to Manitoba Deputy Premier Rosann Wowchuk, saying, "We welcome and support [the report’s] conclusion. It would make the AIT more effective. We hope both federal and provincial governments will consider it in their efforts to reform the AIT."

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